DS 03 960WebSTP Sahid Darmasiswa Batch V period 2014 – 2015 has a total of five students and two Double Degree D'Angers, France Students

1. Flora Garrot - France

2. Romane Javalaud - France

3. Dhwite David Dragon - Grenada

4. Ibrohim Usmanov - Uzbekistan

5. Zienab Alsherief - Egypt

Double Degree D'Angers, France Program:

1. Antoine Gimeno.

2. Rwana Etienne

During their 1 year stay at Sahid Institute of Tourism Jakarta, they attended class 4 times a week where they have studied Bahasa Indonesia, Kitchen, Bartending and Pastry.

In these interesting classes, the students learn Indonesian Culinary and Indonesian Beverage Of course STP Sahid Darmasiswa Students not only studied inside the classroom during their year of stay, but they managed to travel to different parts of Indonesia such as Bandung, organized by International Affair Office (IAO STP SAHID) where they had experienced trekking on an active volcano (Tangkuban Perahu) and watched and participate at the exciting Bamboo Traditional performance in Saung Angklung Udjo!

IAO STP Sahid also organized a city tour for this year’s Darmasiswa Students to Kota Tua and China Town, Glodok.

After 6 months of studying at STP Sahid Jakarta, the students are to undertake their internship programme for a period of 6 months in a city of their choice, guided by IAO STP Sahid to help get them a placement.

Darmasiswa students are currently undertaking their internship at variety Hotels and Travel Agency Companies at Bali and Jakarta such as Hotel Kuta Townhouse, Bali; Karma Kandara Resorts, Bali; DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Jakarta; Travel Bali Gotur and Allianz Travel Insurance, Bali. [D'Liem]